A Shadow Forgotten

I will do anything, if it means getting him back.

For her sins, he has to pay the price.
For her mistakes, he has to pay the price.
For all she cares now, he where her heart lies.
For all she knows now, he sleeps for all lies.

Remorse, guilt, self-loath, all screams at her.
The wish to undo everything, is all she yearns for.
If just time grants to stop forward, just for her.
If just time grants to move backward, just for her.

All she wishes is his life.
All she wishes is him.


Language: ENG (English)
Development Time: ~3 days (8th to 10th November 2020)
Genre: Story-driven JRPG
Device: Windows, WebGL
Tools: RPG Maker MV (RTP Only)

Product Detail

A Shadow Forgotten is a short JRPG-styled story inspired by the backstory of one of the main character in the wattpad novel Sins and Dreams (Bahasa Indonesia). Sins and Dreams is a story about two mentors and their six students involvement with the greater conspiracies that hides behind the power of Persona (based on the work of Atlus infamous Persona series).

Taking the usual JRPG turn-based combat system,  the game drives on it's short, yet player-influenced story that will compels you for the duration of the game. With a wonderful story combined with poetries, varying encounter from your usual orcs and slimes, to the elemental spirits, the game is ready to entertain your journey.

This game is an entry to RPG Maker RTP only Game Jam 2020.

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After choosing yes and after the cutscene, you're stuck and can't move.

Greetings nalurose,

I have tested the public build and seemed to unable to replicate this issue. Have you tried using Arrow Keys once the cutscene ends? I have tested choosing "Yes" and the cutscene flows normally until the end of the cutscene (where the MC arrives in a past world).

I might need to have a dialogue noting on the controls and the fact that the game is no longer in cutscene mode.

Thanks for the information! Also, thank you for the first comment! It is wonderful to hear feedback from the players ^^


Ah no. The MC becomes invisible and I cannot move (I tried using the arrow keys). I can open the menu but that's it.

Greetings nalurose,

Would you mind if I request a screenshot of the issue? The MC did become invisible during cutscene (after flash light) and restored back after got struck by Lightning Rage. What was the last piece of dialogue before you got stuck?

I think it might be asset related, but a screenshot would help to confirm if that is the case. I'll do a hotfix once I can narrow down the issue.

Greetings nalurose, it seems I have narrowed the issue you mentioned, though I want to confirm if this is correct.

The last scene is in the past, where the MC get struck by Lightning Rage. After that, the game does not continue properly (the screen is reddish tinted at this point). If this is the case, here is the solution:

Press ENTER at that scene and the game will continue instantly (do not press Arrow Keys)

You can use the save file to skip most of the initial dialogues.

I will upload a hotfix soon. I hope this is the issue you run into so I can mark it resolved. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to your gaming experience.



Sorry for the late reply, yup the issue is after MC got struck with Lightning Rage. Pressing confirm worked. You might've forgot to run a event on autorun if that's the case? (I use RPG Maker as well). And it's all good!


Yes, It was an error on my part. It's supposed to be autorun but it was set to Action Button. I have updated the game with the fix of this bug and some additional directions.

Thank you for playing! I hope you have a pleasant gameplay experience! If there are recommendations or anything else I can help with, do let me know.