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A short story of a man who loses the will to continue their life after a tragedy cost their loved one, through his own hands. Or at least, that what he would believe.


Language: ENG (English) 

Game Genre: Interactive Fiction

Target Device: HTML Browser

Tools: Twine 2 (Harlowe 3)


  • Contain talks about suicide, not recommended for those under psychological care from psychologists or psychiatrists, especially due to stress or depression.

Product Details

This product is created as a testing ground for me to understand Twine better. The tool offers the potential to allow expansion of this short fan fiction I wrote in the past (thanks to branching), and I decided to do just that.

Taking the story of Karma's Cruelty written by my alias Affad Wisteria, I decided to expand upon the story and gives several approaches to it, including a darker tone I refused to take before. I'm more into giving a motivational approach to life rather than a dark one, so yeah.

Karma's Cruelty itself is based on Kagazuly's Everlasting Dissonance, which is based on Spike Chunsoft's Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. I recommend people to try out Danganronpa V3, as well as reading Everlasting Dissonance.

At Archive of Our Own, the story is most relatable for Everlasting Dissonance readers, but without it, to a degree, it should be relatable enough. Hopefully, this short story will be of enjoyment for you dear players.

The product will not cost anything, and I do not take donations for this project since that is 'technically' making money from a proprietary creation, so I'm just taking my care here. 

If you want to support me, you can leave a comment, or just join the discord link above. That'll be great. Also, don't forget to support Kagazuly's Everlasting Dissonance if you do, I really appreciate people supporting them for their awesome work.

For the curious, the image is made with GIMP.

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